Jiangsu DaLong electrical and mechanical technology CO.,LTD( Taizhou DongMa numerical control equipment CO.,LTD) in the City of Taizhou, is an electricity to process the machine produce company, the main product contain the DK77 series electricity spark number control the line to incise the tool machine, the series DM-703 high speed boring machine, the DK71 series electricity spark to model the machine, M240, M250 even whet.
  Our company has already passed the ISO9001:2000 quantity system attestations, is a province quantity of Jiangsu to can believe the product, acquired the civilization business enterprise title of honor of year in state City of Taizhou in 2004, got an excellent class business enterprise title of honor in 2005, is the livestock farming of Jiangsu vet the number in the occupation technical college controled the teaching research practice base.
  The company hires various deluxe professional technical personnel, having the design, making, abundant experience of the examination and control the means, the DK77 series that our company produce electricity spark number control the line to incise machine, have to design novel, shape beauty, the steel structure stability, work the set face big, cover the area little etc. characteristics.The work set, fuselage of airplane carry on hot processing of artificial two times in time the effect nature processing, various lead the track adoption high strength Cr15 bearings steel, the degree of hardness( HRC) assurance is above 55 °s.
   The tool machine enclosure of our company is well-found, adjusting to try to process to lead the axle to accept from the gearing of the tool machine of replace to all have the appropriation tool.
   aim:Beg the existence with the quantity, with cheap participate the competition, win the customer with the service!
   The welcome new old customer of enthusiasm come!